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“We Don’t Support IE” – oh yeah ;)

I recently revamped my portfolio site with a swanky diagonal menu, which looked great in all major browsers except one. So which browser was giving issues? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count. I’ll put this into perspective: it took me one day to code and test the entire site for Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I then spent the next two days just trying to get the navigation menu to function in IE alone.

This is how you code a diagonal menu using CSS for Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox:
-webkit-transform: rotate(45deg);
-moz-transform: rotate(45deg);
-o-transform: rotate(45deg);

That’s it.

Possible “solutions” for IE to do the same thing: pages of JavaScript; importing of JS libraries; cssSandpaper – nope, nothing worked, or only half worked. By the way, when you do get text to rotate 45 degrees in IE, it starts to look crusty and jagged – typographers would have an aneurysm. Maybe someone with better coding skills could have figured it out – I’m technically a designer, not a developer. However, it was not lost on me what a gigantic waste of time this was –  two thirds of my time spent on getting one aspect of my site to work in one browser…

I considered the unthinkable. What if I didn’t support IE at all? Do I dare? I did some research to discover the validity of this option. It was then that I came upon this website, “We Don’t Support IE”. It’s sole purpose is to get people to switch from using IE to using any other good browser. [Update: Looks like their site is down for some reason so I deleted the link and will reinstate it when the site's back up.]

And it made me wonder “what if…”? What if there was a world with no IE? Undoubtedly the average lifespan of the web developer would increase by years should he/she not have to stress over quirky IE issues. I use the term “quirky” loosely. I really mean ******** IE.

I digress. While tossing IE would give me an immense feeling of self-satisfaction I risk alienating about a third of the visitors to my portfolio. And as a freelancer that’s not a luxury I can afford. So I knuckled down and created an alternate menu just for IE. It’s not as slick, but it will work. Here’s a peek at each menu as it now stands:

Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera:


By they way, if there are any web dev geeks out there reading this who know a good way of doing a diagonal menu in IE, please let me know – I’d love to upgrade the IE horizontal nav to it’s intended design. I don’t like the horizontal one. I’m a designer. I’m fastidious. And I can’t let it go.


  1. This is just one of the many reasons I never took web development seriously. What works in one browser usually didn’t work in another. Until jQuery came along, then most things become feasible…

    • Mmmm, jQuery… I really need to learn that…

  2. jQuery has its issues with IE as well. If there are no issues, then some of the transitions are very choppy and unpredictable.

    IE should die!

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