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If you’re an iPhone/iPad developer and have an app you’d like to publicize, leave a comment below with some information about it and a link to the iTunes store where the app can be found. It can be any kind of app – a game, productivity tool, business application…  I will review some of the best apps on this site.


  1. URL:

    Hey check out our new game! A simple yet addicting arcade style game where you tilt to control an airplane through a maze of clouds. The more points you rack in the harder it gets!!

  2. and ‘chico of the dead free’

    Touch screen to shoot zombies

  3. have a look at for iDamaged

    direct youtube:

  4. Spasticity is an intense and thrilling Space Shooter game. As you progress threw the 15 levels of the game you will need to upgrade your ship and weapons to be able to keep up with the tougher enemy.

    The game features 15 levels running at a super smooth 60 frames per second frame rate even on older Iphone.

    If you want a challenge and an addictive game try this one out!!!

  5. Shisha App.
    A location based app that let’s you view shisha lounges around your area.
    This is the first we have created the app and would love to have it reviewed.

  6. check out my free app leet speak at

  7. Scallin’ is an amazing casual logical puzzle, which combines basic knowledge with mathematical thinking to find solutions to the presented problems. It will surely impress and challenge even the addicted players, using a progressive system level to encourage and challenge the player every step of the way. The main objective is very simple : Balance the load on each scale. Using variations of measurements, the player must find an equal weight for each platform of the scale, then stack all the boxes into the platform and just watch the result. The graphics are all doodles, making it easier for the player to concentrate and to view a functional clean graphical interface. Extremely difficult puzzles await you. If you are hunger for a old-style puzzles, Scallin’ is the game you’re looking for.

    With a maximum of 3 scales and 12 boxes for each one (6 boxes max for each platform), Scallin’ combines a basic knowledge about measures unities with the player’s ability to think rationally and balance each individual scale.

    The game consists of 60 progressive levels and each level can be interrupted and then returned properly, without the player losing any information or effort already spent on his current level. Each level is also ranked, according to the player’s skill and errors he made during the scallin’ of weights.

    Take the challenge and solve all puzzles.You will need much effort, skill, wit and endurance to beat each individual level. As you progress, you will see how your mind and wit are evolving, to the point in which you will ultimately desire for more challenges. We assure you, Scallin’ is going to offer you a unique experience, which will enable you to balance not only boxes on a scale, but your own mind, your self.

    The game features:??
    - 60 playable levels(with more to come on patches)?
    - Ranking system according to each level.?
    - Complete help, accessible even in
    - Progressive difficulty system, engineered to challenge even the addicteds puzzle players.?
    - Possibility of multiple resolutions, with 36 boxes and 3 scales max.
    ?- Dynamic sounds.

    Take the challenge and put your might on the scale!

  8. Move beyond the old school world of repeat after me style games and enter the world of Perpetual. A randomly chosen pattern awaits you with each game, no two are ever the same. Improve your memorization skills and push your mental capacity to it’s limits!

    Available Now on iTunes: Click Here

    The world of Perpetual is waiting…will you accept the challenge?

  9. A short interactive story introducing Cactus Springs an unlikely hero of the old west. The uncanny ability to spring enormous distances whenever his tender behind comes in contact with cactus spines always seems to get him into (or out of) trouble. Join Springs as he goes mountain climbing and ends up with more of an adventure than he bargained for!

  10. Keep your private life exactly that, Private, with Fade Away©. After installing this app you no longer have to be worried about sending sensitive text and picture messages and hoping that the only person that reads it is the person it was intended for.

    With Fade Away you control the life span of your sent and received text messages on your smart phone. Thats right, whether you want your text message to last 5 minutes, or up to 5 days, its now up to you! Just select how long you would like your message to be visible in your phone and Fade Away will take it from there, and make sure it automatically gets deleted. Install Fade Away and you no longer have to worry about unwanted text and picture messages left on your phone! It’s that simple… Download Fade Away today and get started with the future in secure private texting.

  11. Check out Hide & Seek 3D (HD) V1.2. — looks great on the iPhone/iPod and even better on the iPad.

    The app is free so if you like it get the premium version for only $0.99.

  12. Check out Papa’s Boy

    Papa’s Boy is children’s book app, and tells the exciting story of a young mouse dreams of being a dancer. His family disapproves of his dream, that is, until his dancing saves the day.

    Papa’s Boy is based on the short animated film, which will soon be appearing as part of the upcoming theatrical animated feature “The Flying Machine”.

  13. Want an app that could save your life? iice SOS is created by Britians Youngest developers. It allows users to fill in medical and contact information and choose a background and set a lock screen, allowing emergency personnel connect quickly with the information they need and administer life saving medication and contact your loved ones. Download here:

  14. CalPad is an all-in-one: Calendar, Task and Note management application that helps you to manage your time efficiently with elegant and friendly organizer. It is a great tool for busy individuals in business, from school, at home… to organize your days with minimum cost. I has a rich set of features included and fun for use…

  15. Hey people buy this arcade game Items Catcher really fun game. Catch falling items on four different game modes. Your score are tracks to compare other players.

  16. Switch up is a game of speed and accuracy. There are several bars displayed on screen. These bars will have two buttons of different colors. When the game begins, a bar’s background will light up with either of the two buttons’ color. When you see a bar light up, tap the button in that bar that corresponds to the background color.

  17. Learn French with Daphnée : HD video lessons for iPhone and iPad.

    Daphnée is an iPhone, and now, iPad app that offers interactive French lessons, which unlike those in textbooks, teach the kind of French that anyone *remotely hip* would like to speak. Here is the link on iTunes. 

  18. Looking for great medical apps? Check out Physiology of the Respiratory System – LITE Version (ENGLISH ONLY).

    This is a fully interactive course which explores the vital role of ventilation and gas exchange. This is our first of hundreds of courses we will be releasing on the app store in the near future.

    Program features include:

    •Fully-narrated and animated learning
    •Evaluations throughout the program
    •Narration script accessible at all times
    •Illustrated printable version included
    •Glossary available at all times
    •Easy navigational tools

  19. On Target: loaded finger has received fantastic critic and user reviews and now is your chance to own it for FREE for a limited time.
    “Please leave us a review here in this thread and in the app store”

    On Target ? ? ? ? ? “Touch Gaming Mag”
    On Target ? ? ? ? ? “LunchBox Reviews”

    On Target is a fast paced shooting game that requires skill, accuracy and a fast finger! 
    Enter the world of On Target and discover many fun and action packed levels testing your speed and accuracy against the clock. 
    From shooting ninjas to destroying skeleton’s On Target will have you hooked all the way. 
    Test your speed and skill against friends and family to see who tops that all important leader board! 

    Features dynamic levels, leader boards, Facebook and Twitter integration, hidden bonus features and plenty of gun slinging!

    Remember…stay On Target!

    Out NOW on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad


    Download our app and be apart of all Radio stations and Hymnal Songs!

  21. A brand new iPhone App to cast social network minded aspiring vampires

    UK based film production company Castalides Pictures has just launched a brand new iPhone App developed by its partner Appino and called VAMPCASTING –

    This free to download App is not only the first iPhone App created by a film production company for casting but also the very first iPhone APP used to cast aspiring vampires from all over the world for the launch of Vampire Wedding comic mini-series (pencilled and coloured by top Marvel Comics artist Eduardo Barreto) and feature film.

    In a few days the company will also launch a free Android App.

    The very first cross-media Vampire Casting Competition has been very popular so far with hundreds of photos from aspiring vampires from all over the world being uploaded to the Vampire Wedding Facebook fan page in less than a few weeks at

    The aspiring Draculas, Nosferatus and Bellas would also need to be social network minded as the platform chosen by Castalides Pictures to publish, rate and showcase aspiring vampires pictures who will be chosen to be featured in the Vampire Wedding comic mini-series (first issue will be launched at the end of October) and later on casted in the film, is their Facebook Fan page

    The Vampire Wedding global casting competition was presented at the London Film & Comic Con since 8th to 10th July by The Devil’s Rock actress, Gina Varela.

    Winners of the competition will:
    Get to play a Vampire in Vampire Wedding film

    Become immortal by having their own vampire character drawn in the Vampire Wedding comic book

    Become the vampire of the week on the Vampire Wedding website and Facebook fan page, where a banner with their picture will be published

    On the APP

    The App is very easy to use. Just download the App from App store for free. While it is loading the beautifully designed Vampire Wedding logo will load and take you straight to the ‘Vampire Casting’ page. Once there you can click to take your vampire photo which you can then upload to Facebook or send in an email straight away. You can also view your ‘saved vampire photo’ in a gallery format.

    There are also tabs to click on at the bottom of the App such as ‘About VW,’ to find more information on Vampire Wedding and the casting competition. By clicking on ‘Gallery’ you will get a sneak peak at the comic mini-series, and to find out more about the Vampire Wedding characters click on ‘Characters.’ There is a handy contact form which has all of the Vampire Wedding links including: Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Foursquare and Facebook, where you can find more information and contact Vampire Wedding.


    Vampire Wedding is a romantic horror comic mini-series and upcoming film created by Robert Huttinger and produced by Castalides Pictures’ directors’ Francesca Lombardo and Robert Huttinger. Robert Huttinger is a writer, producer and creator of high concept TV series and motion pictures such as best-selling RTL action TV series Cobra 11, and Cops 2000. He also has a romantic comedy film, Kiss the Frog produced by Michael London (Sideways, Get Smart, Milk, The Informant) with Katie Holmes starring currently in production

    The pages of the comic are penciled, inked and colored by Eduardo Barreto, a top artist from DC Comics and Marvel Comics who has worked on The New Teen Titans, Superman, Batman, Star Wars, Marvel Knights, Aliens vs. Predators and Indiana Jones. The cover art of the comic was created by Franke, an illustrator from Vienna. He has worked for production companies all over the world, doing political cartoons, comics, tattoo designs and record covers, to name a few.

    Vampire Wedding trailer:
    Vampire Wedding website:

    To request interviews, pictures or more details and information about Vampire Wedding comic book/synopsis/film and about the Global VW Vampire Casting Competition and APP please contact:

    Francesca Lombardo
    Head of Marketing & PR
    Castalides Pictures Ltd.

  22. * Available Now * My Stop: Boston

    This is the ultimate Boston MBTA Commuter Rail companion. Simply choose your destination and let My Stop: Boston alert you when you are getting close and when you have arrived, so you will never miss your stop again!

    Pre-loaded with track schedules and rail map.

    Listen to all your music or watch YouTube, functionality built right in.

    Fully customizable settings.

    Don’t miss your Commuter Rail stop ever again!

    See it here:

  23. We just launched QuoteCheck a couple weeks ago on the iphone store. Checkout for more info.

    Here’s the description:

    Ever heard a great quote only to forget it the next day? So did we. So we built an app to fix it.

    QuoteCheck is the easiest way to store and share your favourite quotes. Add your own or grab the Quote of the Day.

    Sharing integration with:
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - Kik
    - Email

    No frills, just simplicity at it’s finest.

  24. LondoniTraveller is a new application that aims to give you all the information you need about London.
    Our application has got everything that you need for you trip to London, with discount codes codes for places to eat and dine, places to visit and much much more. 

    Using our application you can also see the status of the underground network with the information from the transport for London network. 
    You can also see the current and upcoming weather forecast, and also a currency converter in built to the application so you can make calculations on costs wherever you are. 
    We have just rolled out a new design that is easier on the eye, has iPad optimised google maps for the attractions to visit.

    Upcoming features include a journey planner around London!

    See our Twitter feed for latest info Londonitravel
    *please note, LondoniTraveller requires Internet access*

  25. A new iPhone and iPad game where you shoot a sock monkey head out of a canon and let it fly, but you can draw lines in the sky for it to bounce off of to catch the bananas and avoid the spinning spikes. More levels are going to be added regularly.

    IMHO the assets in the game are superb.

    I have both an iPhone and an iPad version of my app.

  26. The Bad Waiter Tip Calculator allows you to grade the service you received while out grabbing a bite to eat. Everyone has experienced bad service at a restaurant and all of us have felt that the server should receive exactly what they deserve. Well wonder no more about what that amount should be, let the Bad Waiter Tip Calculator figure it out for you. Using six determining factors, you can make sure you pay only what is fair.

  27. Take Shake Make!

    jPuzzle turns your photos and pictures into an exciting, fun and easy to use Jigsaw Puzzle.

    Simply take a photo with the iPhone camera or choose a picture from your library, shake the iPhone to mix the puzzle and play!

    jPuzzle is perfect to use with friends, at home or just about anywhere.
    With millions of possible photos and pictures you can use jPuzzle is the jigsaw app that will always be enjoyable.

    Youtube video:
    App Store Link:

    email for free promo codes!

  28. This one is called ByteMachine. It’s a binary converter that converts text to a secret code.

  29. Planning a trip to the North Fork of Long Island? Learn about our exciting events, tours and tastings, and incredible wines all from on the go. Browse our award winning wines conveniently from your phone and use our featured pairing suggestions as an inspiration for a great meal! Pindar Vineyards encompasses more than 500 scenic acres, features a beautiful tasting room and an outdoor Pavilion overlooking the vines. Our Vineyard has been the setting for thousands of happy memories over the years. Download the FREE PINDAR MOBILE APP to purchase wine, plan a memorable trip ahead of time, or use it to enhance your experience once you’ve arrived!

  30. Ever been in a rehearsal and seen that long Italian/French/German word that you didn’t know the translation of? Now’s your chance to find out what they all mean.

    Ever practiced a piece of music and found out you were going completely the wrong speed because you didn’t understand the musical term. Not any more!!!!

    Need to learn your scales for a music exam?? Easy!!!

    ‘Musik Termz’ gives you instant access to over 500 hundred terms and their definitions with no internet required. The app is split into 4 sections Tempo, Dynamics, General Terms, Scales and Key Signature for quick and easy reference.

    The Key Signature section gives you the chance to revise the different major keys and their relative minors for all those all important theory exams.

    The scales section has all major, minor and modal scales with accidentals to help prepare you for GCSE, Theory or musical exams!!!


  31. Dog lovers unite! Wooftail is all dog, all the time.?NOW WITH VIDEO!!!


    Upload pix & video of your favorite pooch?
    - Did you just capture your dog doing something adorable/scary/hilarious/goofy? Upload it with one tap!?
    - Let others comment, caption or like your photos.?

    Check out Wooftail?s friendly furballs?
    - View other members? doggie pix in real time with our easy-scroll streaming interface.?
    - Choose your favorite pooch, leave comments on photos, videos and make friends with fellow dog lovers.?

    Create funny captions for dog photos?
    - With Wooftail?s caption tool, you can create customized captions for pix that tickle your funny bone. Just type in your phrase, move it onto the photo and save!?
    - You can share your creations with friends and family via email or Facebook with just one touch.?

    Have your dog questions answered by knowledgeable members?
    - Wooftail?s forum lets members exchange advice that helps ensure your best friend stays happy and healthy.
    Meet other dog owners/lovers
    - Connect with other dog lovers
    - Private messaging
    - Follow other users pictures & video
    - See only the most liked, captioned, recent or commented on dogs



    MyTymz lets you capture your life in the moment using TEXT, PHOTO, VOICE, VIDEO & LOCATION

    MyTymz Features and Benefits:
    - Double PRIVACY protection with in-app password & PIN Code.
    - To-Do Lists and Task Alerts, help you stay organized during your daily activities
    - Photo album to quickly browse your pictures and share.
    - Map your entries and see where you’ve been.
    - Keep track of your favorite places, tips, reviews & entries.
    - Track health issues, fitness routines, bills, etc.
    - Search moments of your life, instantly.
    - Share, update, edit or delete entries at any time.

    Attach your experiences to a location you visit and check in to, with full multimedia capabilities.

    Use the forward facing camera to save your looks, your shape and your style over time.

    Private and secure, MyTymz keeps all the moments in your life – not just the ones you share.

    Share only what you want with email, Facebook, or Twitter. Keep the rest for yourself.

  33. Junior Saver is a unique and easy to use app that helps you track, motivate and reward your children for their good work and behaviour.

    Feature list:
    •Track your child’s savings when and wherever you are, don’t wait till you get home or forget?
    •Tell your friends on Twitter, Facebook or by email?
    •Use categories and notes to tell you what it was for?
    •Instantly tell your kids how much they have currently saved?•Track as many kids as you need to separately

  34. Universal Unit Converters

    Universal Unit Converter is the ultimate resource for unit conversion. Our powerful software utility that helps you make easy conversion between more than 2,100 various units of measure in more than 70 categories.

    It is one of the must app for professionals in all the fields and sectors.

    List of Converters included:
    1. Common Converters
    2. Engineering Converters
    3. Heat Converters
    4. Fluids Converters
    5. Light Converters
    6. Electricity Converters
    7. Radiology Converters
    8. Magnetism Converters
    9. Miscellaneous Converters

    If you have this converter, then no need to sit in your desktop to use expensive converters presently in the market.

  35. My new app now available @ the app store. translate+ is the best trans. utility with over 60 languages, text to speech, and sharing features. Only 99 cents:

  36. This app is particularly suited for anyone interested in daily Bible reading. It’s a free app called “Proverbs In A Month”.

    Proverbs In A Month provides the user a daily journey through the book of Proverbs. Move through chapters at the pace of one chapter a day, for 31 days. The app automatically opens to the Proverbs chapter that corresponds to the current day of the month, or, if desired, another day can be chosen. Each day’s text is artfully displayed on a photographic backdrop of natural texture which represents a thought or theme within that day’s chapter. The clean simplicity of this app makes it a must-have for anyone desiring to read and glean wisdom from the greatest guidebook for successful living ever written.

  37. No matter you are at school or party, with iPhone in hand, you can play four simple games with friends or that attractive guy/girl: Poker Flip, Number Rush, Hot Dice or Mora. Four interesting game comes along with exciting background music and lively bright color design. Here’s the video link:

  38. Time This! Visual Schedule-Timer app for Ipad. An absolute must for those with Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, transitional and organizational issues. Use your own pictures, arrange them, add a voice and time it all in a matter of seconds.!/id472752315?mt=8

  39. I made a free app for the appstore that shows all the item id’s for the game minecraft for the computer. Check it out :)

  40. Launch Moons into Orbits and Defeat the Alien Kragboard!

  41. VIN Inventory is a quick VIN lookup tool that allows you to save your vehicles’ details and photos. Scan a VIN barcode in just a few seconds using the autofocus camera on your iPhone 3GS and newer.

    VIN Inventory quickly authenticates and then decodes the vehicle VIN (serial number) and displays rich details including year, make, model, engine, equipment and optional accessory items. The user may add stock number (or tag number), color, odometer reading, price, and a note about the car. A photo can be added using the iPhone camera or Camera Roll. The user may choose to either add the vehicle to their saved inventory list or delete the vehicle after a quick review. Previously saved vehicle data can be edited or deleted from the list and photos can be updated.

  42. Booya! for iPad and iPhone is a fun and strategic one or two player card game hat can be played on one device or via Bluetooth.
    Please check out for more information or find it in the app sore at

    Thank you and enjoy!!


    Today’s Horses is an APP for the horse racing fan. If you have ever seen a horse run and wished you could be notified when it runs again, then Today’s Horses is the app for you. It will download a list of all UK & Irish horses running for the current date and allows you to save as one of your favourites. When you launch the APP it will notify you if any of your saved horses are running today.


    Automatic data refreshes each day free for a week.
    Data is available daily for offline browsing without constant internet access.
    View horses by name, by course, or by race time.
    See horses Form, Forecast Price, Jockey, Weight, Trainer, Owner, Age & Sex, Weight, Breeding, Distance Travelled, Career runs.
    View Race information, type, track, distance, eligibility, and previous winner.
    Automatic notification when a saved horse is running.
    Manually Store notes about your favourite horses.
    Subscription service available for ongoing access to data following your free access period.

  44. Have you recently started working out? Have you been thinking about visiting the gym? Well Workout Central will exceed ALL your fitness needs! Simply put, Workout Central is the easiest to use workout assistant on the App Store. With Workout Central’s amazing features, you’ll NEVER need to bring that bulky clipboard to the gym again.

    With Workout Central you can:

    ???? Track your workout progress over any period of time

    ????Track your personal weight

    ???? Create custom workouts

    ???? Choose from a list of hundred’s of exercises

    ???? Create CUSTOM exercises

    ???? Export your workouts

    ???? And much more!

    ???? Look out for iCloud support, coming in the next couple weeks!

    Direct Link:

  45. JumBee is jumping bee where doodle jump meets fruit ninja with an amazing attractive gameplay featuring for the first time the capability to take photos with your favorite game character.
    check it out!

  46. ipocket science is a great tool and reference app the has endless amounts of information on biology, chemistry, and electricity. It is great for the price and includes quizzes to test your knowledge!

  47. Greedy Jump
    It’s Casual & Fun! Fun! Fun! Instant Joy!
    Super Cool Cartoon Graphics and Beautiiful BackDrops!
    It Only Takes Few Secs To Get Started But Its Impossible To Stop!
    Touch and Drag For Aim and Jump – Watch Out for Deadly Nests


    An amazingly simple and a beautiful number app for the little minds at work!


    Very useful and a very intuitive app for kindergarteners.


    The colorful illustrations bring the pages to life while the user visits the far off world of Lanyond, stopping in at Grandpa’s cozy nook. Captivating narration and charming music invites both parents and kids to feel at home from the very start. Unique interactivity brings this bedtime story to life. The app turns “bedtime” into “adventure time” with the iPad and makes the routine something kids will look forward to rather than dread.

  51. We’ve just released an addictive iPhone game based on the YouTube sensation of Fainting Goats. It is of course called “Fainting Goats”
    You run around shouting at goats trying to get them to faint.

    It is now available on the App Store:

  52. Have a look at: Plane Killer

    It’s a really simple and fun game.
    The objective of this guess game is to find and crash all enemy planes. You should do it faster than your opponent.


  53. Check out the first FREE and LEGAL sports wagering app!

  54. This is a simple game. You have to bounce the ball up on platforms and the higher you get the more points you get. You can control the ball by tilting your iPhone/iPod Touch.!/id486880170

  55. Stressed out? Anxious? Make a PAUSE.
    PAUSE 4 mini games are very simple that will help you relax and train the brain simultaneously.
    These are simple games with a challenging level of difficulty to do so distracted during the day.

  56. This app is the real personality assessment done at hospitals. People pay good money to examine their personality. This app was developed along with experienced psychologist. The exam might look very simple however the results are carefully calculated to reflect the user’s personality.

  57. Control a sail ship in the high seas! Fight off waves of more and more approaching pirate ships! Dish out revenge on the pirate ships who keep on coming and coming in relentless fury.

    SeaRaiders features challenging wave-based gameplay. There is special weapons to choose from and use to your advantage from grape shot to chain shot. Do you have what it takes to withstand insentient waves of pirates?

  58. A challenge is waiting! Easy to pick up and hard to put down, Dizzy Bubbles in simply addictive. Race against the clock to pop as many bubbles as possible before time runs out. 4 different game types all equal in their difficulty and fun. Dizzy Bubbles is visually stimulating and evokes feelings in people they themselves cannot explain. Featuring music by Kevin Macleod. Games shouldn’t be allowed to be this much fun.

  59. Check out iRageMaker, a FREE rage comics maker on iPad:

  60. My-911 is releasing its own OBD interface for the Blackberry standard phones and other OS’s. In addition to all of the other features available in the Standard My-911 Applications, this will in the event of an airbag deployment, notify Emergency Services. Other features include: Speed, Load, Airbag Status, Seatbelt Status, Breaking and all OBD – II trouble codes.

    On that note…

    Now you can carry confidence with you all the time, no matter your location: Introducing My-911, the ultimate mobile solution for automatic emergency alerts and response. My-911, a solution provider for emergency and non-emergency related services worldwide supporting Android, BlackBerry and iPhone Smartphones. Get from point A to point B safely with My-911 on your Smartphone. All for as little as 9 cents a day. Whether you are camping, hiking, riding your bicycle, driving your motorcycle or driving in your car, My-911 offers you a full featured versatile solution for your Smartphone or standard cell phone. Smartphone (Android, BlackBerry and iPhone) emergency management solution w/ impact, SOS, nurse line,
    roadside assistance, GPS Notify friends & family, traffic, weather, high crime advisory, cyber alerts, online LBS tracking portal. Geo-Fencing, Trip Reporting, Speed Reporting, Incident Tracking and Reporting.

    Go with confidence.

  61. Donkeys and Elephants: Election Races

    In Donkeys and Elephants: Election Races, you tilt to control either a donkey or an elephant throught the environment to collect as many stars as you can before stumbling onto swords or challenging obstacles.

  62. Hi,

    Check out my action packed game called ‘Feed My Panda@ for iPhone and iPod Touch. It is based on a very hungry Panda who needs your help to collect his favorite food in various modes.

  63. Hey guys, this one’s only out for the android at the moment, but heres the link!

    It’s an app for healthcare workers, medical students & doctors to brush up on their examination skills & it also includes some useful tools

  64. Did you forgot your pending tasks again?
    Hour based reminders aint enough for you?
    Try this iOS app: GPSReminds
    GPSReminds are location based reminders so you will never forget anything again
    For example: remember to buy milk just when you pass by the market/store
    Remember to do stuff at work that you cant do at home just when you arrive to your work!
    Watch GPSReminds in action:
    Download it now from the AppStore!

  65. Hi There

    Check out all my Apps at:



  66. Hey, check out this new app!

    Get all the information about your favorite players, teams, coaches, and awards right in the palm of your hand!
    Features include:
    - Easy access and quick search for any Player, Team, or Coach.
    - Detailed information for all players including stats and scores for the Regular Season, the Playoffs, and even the All Star games.
    - Up to date information for any Player, Team, or Coach.
    - Description of active awards and winning players ever since the award was institutionalized.
    - Ability to keep favorite players separated and organized.
    - Portrait and Landscape views for every screen.
    - Capacity to compare as many players as desired in the same screen and at the same time.
    - Amazing navigation features in order to easily link any player, team, coach, award, or highlight in almost any combination of screens.
    This application is a “must have” for every fan. It is packed with a multitude of details on every player, coach, or team and it is the easiest and most intuitive way for enjoying the season while counting on the most detailed and user friendly statistics for basketball available on the iPhone.

  67. Another great app!

    This is a fantastic application that allow not only to record whatever you feel is important but also to store it, organize it, deleted it, or play it back at any time within a simple folder structure that you can also modify to meet your needs.
    With this app you can:
    - Add and delete folders at any time
    - Add and delete recordings at any time
    - Name the files and the recordings with verbose descriptions so you can easily locate them when you need them.
    - Organize the recordings given the recording date.
    - Replay your recordings at any time.

    These days the amount of information out there is annoying and we can not simply trust our memory, so this is a “must have” application: useful, simple, and reliable.

    Have fun!

  68. Build/Solve/Share Puzzles with cPnnecticOn Puzzle Friends for iOS –


    Bored with the original minesweeper game? Building off of the classic minesweeper appeal, enjoy a more exciting version with thundering explosions that will rock your iPad screen!

    If you’re up to the challenge then take it to the next level in “Battlefield Mode”. A column of military vehicles needs to cross the battlefield and time is of the essence. If they hit an unmarked mine then its game over (for you at least). Guaranteed to turn a relax game into a stressful but rewarding endeavor.

    Key Features:

    -Two Game Modes to Choose From: Classic and Battlefield Mode.
    -Explosions that Shake the Screen when a Mine is Touched!
    -”Viewer Window” Enabling You to See What is Under Your Finger.
    -Loaded with Facts and the History About Mines.
    -Detailed High Scores and Statistics.

    Set in a military theme environment, enjoy countless hours playing this classic game!


    Battlefield Minesweeper Official Web Site



  70. Hi Everyone!

    Thank you for giving me a place to advertise my App! I created this app to allow people to Tag each other, post pics onto the map and just connect across the world without all that dating….. well, here below is my app!


    SocailTAG App

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    Meet new friends, connect and talk with people from all over the World. Search the Map and Tag them!

    SocialTAG…. Tag, Your it!

  71. My children’s picture book is now available as an App in the iTunes App Store. The App is interactive with coloring pages, puzzle pages and an audio version of the book. I really need more people to know about the App, write reviews for it and rate it. I want to get more sales for my App. Can you please help me?
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  72. Slide Road


    Spray is a cat who only wants to eat his olives in peace, but an evil frog stole them from him!
    Get in your car and chase the olive trail left by that shameless thief!

    Slide Road is a new and innovative puzzle game where the player control the scenario while the main character just passes through it. The goal is to move the pieces of the maze in a way that the cat can reach the exit… And if the player is good enough, to pick up the olives on the way there!

    The levels also have small coins that the player can grab with his fingers, making the challenge more difficult. Coins, Olvies, Pepper, Time and Moves increase the Score, and the score defines how many stars a player got on the level.


    The game features two initial worlds, each one with 45 levels, and we expected to add two new worlds until the Midsummer, and other after that. There are also several comics that appear as the player goes through the worlds.

    Also you can get some Mini-Games just for fun. The initial version will come with Kiki Slicer, where Kiki should cut the olives and peppers with her claws without hitting bombs.

    The game has Retina Display Graphics, including the resolution of the iPad 3.

    On YouTube:


  73. A firefly colony is stormed by a frog plague of massive proportions, but these fiery critters aren’t going down without a fight…

    With a simple flick gesture, fling and pop the pesky frogs and protect the Queen from this infestation. It’s not as easy as that though. The queen relies on bugs to survive, so you will need to avoid hitting them with the propelled frogs. Keen reflex and skill will be the best form of defence in this battle between frogs and fireflies!

    Simple, straightforward gameplay, but it can become quite challenging and addictive. Compete against your friends or for the world high score on game centre. This game is bursting with originality, charm and a quirky soundtrack to top it off.

    “This is definitely a cool game that is as much a feast for the eyes as it is addictive.” – AppAdvice Review.

    Check it out

    Watch the trailer

  74. Check out our awesome game for free called Belly & Brain!!

  75. Free Reddit Photo Clock – a clock app that streams interesting photos from the internet

    I developed a fun app that you guys might like. It’s called “Reddit Photo Clock”. It’s a free clock that streams funny, and interesting photos from the internet. This free App is a great companion for your living room or desktop.

    App Link:
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    Reddit Photo Clock features
    • All-in-one App, displays the time, date, and the weather all in an easy to read display.
    • Allows easy swiping to browse photos
    • 5-day Weather Forecast
    • Financial Stock Ticker for all you investors out there
    • Double Click Photos to Launch the Reddit Comments Page
    • Facebook and Twitter share photos with your friends.
    • Pick the genre of photos you like, and this App will find all those photos. Genres include…
    ? Animals and cute pets
    ? Funny pictures
    ? Interesting photos
    • Slideshow of your own photos.
    • Custom Subreddit lets you add any other photos you want.
    ? See for available Subreddits.
    • Easily see every photo with automatic zoom.
    • Option to prevent unsafe (NSFW) photos from showing. Great for during work.
    • Weather is depicted in an easy to see icon and the temperature can be set to Cº or Fº.
    • It’s free

    Hope you guys like it :-)

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  77. Translang is all-in-one translator: from text to text, images/pictures/signs to text; voice to text, URL translation and more. Everything on the go with the real-time chance to translate the world.

    Imagine the day when you will be able to point your mobile camera to someone and translate their thoughts. Well, Translang is half way through. With Translang you can translate images to text and text to voice to over 52 languages. One of the newest application on iPhone market to translate the world of images to real content. Built on OCR and the most advanced Translator API technology.


    Translang is able to understand:

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    ? URL page translation ?

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    ? and Many more!! ?

    It’s capabilities are endless! It is a Universal Communicator.

    Translang: more than a simple translator, a must have application.

  78. I think this is nice files browser

  79. @ Android users: The What’s New app is an entertaining mobile news application that introduces a revolutionary new way of discovering news. Effortlessly flip through the news, the application will automatically learn what you are interested in and provide you with news matching your taste.

  80. Pets 411 is now available for the iPhone.

    It’s not just an app. It’s a community you help build every time you use it.

  81. We are trying to promote our app and also we have some advertising tiles that in the middle of each playing field of the sport that the person downloads that we are also trying to sell as advertising space. The app cost is $2.99AUD and it is an app designed to allow parents to record their son/daughter or favourite players stats whilst watching them play their chosen sport. We have released seven sports at the moment which are soccer(football),hockey,Basketball,Rugby League,Rugby Union, AFL and netball. It promoted growth and development and also health and well being. It also get the parent more involved with their childs sporting activities. In our first month since we released the apps we have had around 700 downloads to date. That is with minimal promotion. We are getting downloads in every continent except for africa to date. Everytime we speak to a so called marketing person they want us to pay money upfront and also charge a large amount of money for no guarantees. We are a little lost

  82. London Mania 2012: All About Olympics and Olympic London 2012 now in your hand.


    Football Frenzy 2012 – European Edition
    Lead your nation to glory with Football Frenzy 2012 – European Edition, a unique and addictive football game. 16 nations, 1 winner, are you good enough?

    Football Frenzy Full features:
    - 16 TEAMS

  84. Enjoy crazy penguin velocity by rolling your penguin home on ice – move your device to slide him home

  85. DropMind® is a mind mapping application for iPad that will help you visually capture, organize, and store ideas and information wherever you are.
    It is collaborative tool which is highly used in the business world, allowing simple, fast, and flexible drawing of complex mind maps.

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  86. Hello, I am a 15 year old app developer who makes game for the iPhone and the one I want to tell everyone is about my name game called “Dodge the Balll”

    You have to tilt your device and try to avoid falling dodgeballs, the more you progress in the game, The more the balls fall and they come falling in different directions and bounce off the wall, the like is

    Please take time to look at it an rate it :)

  87. Seven Hand Poker !! A interesting and tactical poker game.

    This game has excellent graphics, very cute cartoon art styles.
    And it allows you to play with your friends or even any through game center.

    Details about the rule can be found here

  88. “Mini Myths 1: Heroic Beginnings”.

    The classic Greek myths re-imagined in a colourful comic book app for kids, specifically designed for the iPad with atmospheric music and sound effects to heighten the epic fun!

    Zeus, mighty king of the Gods creates a new concept… The “Hero”, individuals to inspire mortals with deeds of outstanding bravery. Action, adventure, monsters and mayhem rock the ancient world as these new “heroes” become central in the power struggle between the various Gods of Olympus!

  89. Killer Social networking app. This app is for experts and students. It helps you stay in touch with all the cool and smart people you will meet.

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    Have you ever needed to flip a coin but had no coin? This app allows you to randomize anything you would like!
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    - Roll 1 Die
    - Roll 2 Die
    - Pick a Card
    - Random Lottery Number
    - Random Password ( Letters and Numbers)
    - Input your text to up to 10 items and choose on randomly

    Keeps statistics on:
    - Average Number
    - Number of Heads and Tails
    - Number of each side of a die

    - Basketball Stat Keeper

    Have you ever wanted to keep basketball stats about you? Yes? Then this is exactly what you need! This application lets you keep track of all the basic basketball statistics of a single person right in the palm of your hand! You can keep track of:
    -2 point field goals
    -3 point field goals
    - Free Throws
    -Percent made for all three
    And all of this is possible with an easy to use layout and beautifully designed display.

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  91. Sounds Like is built around the laughter and fun that is generated by the quirky sounds that people make and the crazy funny interpretations our friends make of these sounds. You will be in hysterics for hours as you and your friends offer your unique sounds.

  92. Hi I am a new developer please check out my app here is the link… currently it is for ipad i am still waiting for the iphone version to be approved by apple ^^ enjoyyy

  93. This new application helps you to calculate the lead-time of a delivery or such like, the calculate takes into consideration of business days and in version 2.0 which will be released next week it will be the only application that takes into account of bank holidays.

    You have the ability to save/view and edit you entries, add them to your calendar and mark them as completed.

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  96. From the makers of TiKL – the Touch To Talk app enjoyed by 25 million users – comes Talkray, a whole new mobile communication experience!

    * Call one or a group of friends at once, in HD quality.
    * One-button send text, voice messages, pictures and videos, even during a live call!
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    * Add more people to an ongoing call. Pull in people for work or play as and when you need them!
    * Join an ongoing group call/conference with one click. Couldn’t answer a group call? No problem, just go the talk and join when convenient.
    See who is speaking – no more confusion about who is talking in a conference or group call.
    * Page one or a group of friends with the touch of a button – a novel, quick, non-intrusive way of asking somebody to get in touch with you.
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    * Live video coming soon.
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  97. The best iphone/ipod/ipad app – NUMERICA

  98. Employee appraisal time?, never be lost for words again; this app will make your life alot easier by giving you a bigger selection of words to use when writing your appraisals.

    It also enables you to categorise your employees more distinctly.

    Download it, it will benefit you.


    Escapes – Escape Series Part 1 is the opening game of a series of games following Skulls as he attempts to follow a masterplan to be the first to escape a high tech prison.

    Can you be the first, to escape the impossible?

  100. MAJORITY is a game based on the United States Presidential Election system. The game board shows a “Majority map” of the United States duly adjusted to make it suitable for play. We are in the election season in the US and you can actually experience all the intrigues that come with the US Presidential elections by playing this game. Find it in the iTunes Store

  101. Game Name: Lost Nimko HD
    Devices : iPad family devices
    About the game: The concept is purely fictional, a adventure game with platforming game-play. We are aiming for giving our users some good graphics with easily adaptable game-play styles and controls. As for controls we just gave a thought of being the classic, that means it will reflect the controls of a classic game controller with a joystick and buttons. In addition to that we will also have some screen tap touch controls for some special events in the game.

    More about the game:

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  102. Streak Shooter – 3D Basketball Shooting Game for FREE!

    Check out our new game ‘Streak Shooter’, available now for FREE on the iPad!

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    Streak Shooter is a 3D basketball shooting game with stunning graphics, sounds, and a realistic physics simulation! Play through 3 unique and challenging games to become the ultimate Streak Shooter.

    Battle your friends in head-to-head 2 player mode or post your high scores to the global high scores table and compete against players from across the globe (pro version only).


    - 3 unique and challenging games
    - Stunning 3D graphics and sounds
    - Realistic physics simulation
    - Practice mode to help improve your shooting skills
    - Unlock new games in the single player mode
    - Challenge your friends on the same device in head-to-head action
    - 3 difficulty levels to master
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    - Local and global high score tables
    - Pick up and go game with an easy learning curve







    Any positive reviews would be greatly appreciated :) !

    Thanks and we hope you enjoy our game!

  103. CARTEL WARS.. Found on iTunes App Store, free download.

    MMO, pvp fighting in or out of jail, properties to fight for, market place for drugs, grow house to make your own drugs. Upgrade your account to become bigger and stronger.

    In-app purchases or even play totally free and earn the in game currency through achievements.

    Upgrade weapon slots to equip more weapons, stamina for doing more missions, health, heat, storage, grow house, transport. So much to do. Friendly helpful player base.

    Boasts an extremely complex and brilliant fight system. I have been playin this app for just over 2 years and I’m hooked, I’m online daily and have no regrets of downloading.

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  104. SPLAT PENGUIN, New kids fun christmas game, out now on the app store.

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    Londons Leading Dance Music Station!!! Now has Its own fully functional Iphone/Ipad app.. with links to Twitter/Facebook & the Vision shout box where you can also send free messages live to the studio.
    The app is free to download from your App Store, Search Visionradiouk for iPhones/iPad and all smart phones So lets start to spread the word..

  107. Hi Karen,

    We have launched this new game app, POTUS Game, on iTunes, which is about taking steps to have your candidate elected as president to the White House among many candidates. It consists of cards that mock politicians with their scandals, very fun, interesting and original. We are at the stage of marketing this game, and we’d really appreciate your support.

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  109. I have a new app in the app store. What2Get is your gift registry for any store in one place. Let us take care and keep your friend and family informed of gift idea’s. Great for kids!

  110. Precious Words for iPad!

    Precious Words is a unique new iPad app for word and puzzle game lovers alike. It combines simple, fun and challenging yet therapeutic game play. Solve each stage by dropping the blocks into the mining carts to form words of the lengths displayed on the carts. Collect the gems embedded in certain letters, which can be used to help you along the way!

  111. If you like Chocolate like I do then this app has all different chocolate recipes in one place! Our app has categories like Cakes, Brownies, Martinis and many more! Be sure to check it ou!

  112. I have a new app in modmyi.The first native application on the world (in field of mobile spying) for viewing logs without accessing website.

  113. Check out Wage Slave! Our new iPhone app.

    Wage Slave will tell you precisely how much you have earned so far during your shift.

    To begin, create a profile for each of your jobs and include your hourly wage. Then at the start of your shift, input your start and finish times. Wage Slave will do the rest.

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    ? Includes 5 CHALLENGING GAMES
    ? Get ACHIEVEMENTS to unleash cool POWER-UPS
    ? Power-Ups create MICRO-GAMES within the game
    ? LIGHTNING ROUND mode for faster gameplay
    ? 3 DIFFICULTY MODES. One mode for young kids
    ? Practice ADDITION, MULTIPLICATION, and more!
    ? Includes ANIMATED INTRO of the Icelands
    ? Pookie the penguin provides nurturing ADVICE
    ? Tushka the polar bear brings a dose of HUMOR
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    ? UNIVERSAL APP works on iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad Mini, iPad, iPod Touch, and more!

  115. Hey all, I am an indie games developer from England. Check out my first game called ‘A Boy’.

    Help the boy on his journey up, by jumping on mysterious blocks. The
    blocks fall from above and it’s your job to plan ahead and jump strategically, but beware you will not face this journey alone!

    App Store link:

    YouTube Trailer:

    Finally, a big thanks to this blog for allowing me to post my game.

    Happy holidays and happy gaming



    Egypt Jewel Venture Lite is out! Check this awesome game before full version kicks in in few days!

  117. Zombie Roller Over coming out tomorrow!

    Fast and addictive game!

  118. Hi Karen! Happy New Year! Not sure if you allow churches or ministries to post but we have one and in a short amount of time, we’ve gotten about 500 downloads. That tells me that some people like inspiration. We have started out small with hopes to expand but maybe you can let people know that starting small is not a bad thing after all. :)

  119. Wow Karen! Great idea, app developers don’t have a whole lot of places to market their apps yet. I use Appcrazi Social but I provide mobile services and not apps. I’m happy to see blogs/sites like yours. Most of the ways to get app exposure cost too much money. Kudos :)

  120. MAJORITY is a game based on the United States Presidential Election system. The game board shows a Majority map of the United States duly adjusted to make it suitable for play. When a State is won, it contributes a number of Electoral College Votes towards the election of the candidate.

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    I am excited to announce that we have just released a version update “webr2.0” which is now available on the App Store. The new version allows users add video clips, audio clips, link Dropbox among many other features, thus giving you the ability to create improved websites.

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  123. World Landmarks Quiz is the ideal game to play while you are standing in line waiting your turn.
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    World Landmarks Quiz


  124. Hey check out our new game! A hysterical and additive game where you make sounds for your friends to guess and vice versa.

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  125. YouCanQuit is a free iPhone application where you can track your progress after quitting smoking:

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    YouCanQuit is free and supported by Ads.
    If you found this application useful you can perform an in-app purchase (0,89€ or $0,99) which will help supporting further developments.

  126. Check out the Build-A-Brain Explorer iPad App. Examine the brain through three sections that allow for exploration and learning of its functions. Through Explorer, Build-A-Brain, and Neural Tracks modes, interact with a 3D model of t he brain to learn its and areas and how they connect and interact with each other.

  127. Free iPad Game!! In Allergen Alert, you try to keep healthy by staying away from germs and viruses while making your way to your allergy testing appointment. Guide Monty through the hospital to collect band aids and medicine attacks and learn a little about allergens in the process. Rate us and give us your review!!!

  128. Spy Wordz is a game of words and espionage. Build words with letters like you’re used to, but if you don’t like what your opponent played – blow up his word with the Bomb gadget or steal it and take the points for yourself with another gadget! Tired of the same old game board? Our board is random with each new game. It’s plays completely different each time. In true spy fashion, a spy needs gadgets. We have them! Use a Bomb to destroy a word. Use a Remote and lock a random letter in your opponents’ tray. Other gadgets like; Point Blank, Lift a Letter and the Glasses are at your disposal to sabotage your opponent. Features•Random game board: All gadgets and word bonus tiles are completely random with each new game. •There are 5 Gadgets, so far, just waiting to be used against your opponent.•Use Facebook integration to find your friends that are playing and send them an invite. •We also have an integrated friends list.•Start a game by email address, Spy Wordz friends list, random player or Facebook.•Shop at our Spy Store and purchase more gadgets that are sure to give you the upper hand!

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  129. Check out my app, Zombie Shoot!

    Zombie Shoot is fun bunker defense game!

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    -3 Maps
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  131. Version 2.0 of Mini Myths 1: Heroic Beginnings is now available on the app store. These exciting stories can now be enjoyed on iPhone, iPod Touch as well as iPad.

    Want to join Perseus and Theseus on their adventures? Hit the link

  132. iShame is a new social media app that allows users to encourage/discourage shameful behavior. It is brand new on the market and the app is free for a limited time while we build up the content. Please check it out!!!

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    The New industry standard for model portfolios. why would you use a hard copy portfolio when you could use an iPad and awesome features? PLease check us out:)


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  135. Looking for a game to play when you’re bored? Try the addictive Collect ‘em all! Fly Brian Bee around the screen using swipe gestures and collect as many honeypots as you can! However, beware of the nets and butterflies! Also, check out other games in the series with characters such as Marvel Mouse, Dan Dinosaur, Freddie Fish and many more! All available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad now!

  136. Put A Cap On It

    Takes your photos and brings them to life with hilarious & funny captions! Use single photos or combine multiple photos in a layout and add hysterical captions to each photo.

    For more laughter, choose one of our many hilarious captions themes for your single and multi photos. Humiliate your Ex with our relationship?captions! If you’re partying and drinking, use our drinking caption theme to go along with your partying photos. Feeling sarcastic? Then slap a sarcastic caption on your photos, using our sarcastic theme. Plenty to choose from!! You will not stop laughing!!

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  137. Hi,
    I Know My World is our new educational iPad app for kids. It helps toddlers to learn words and letters playfully. The app is beautiful and very simple to use.
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  138. DUI Dodger is the #1 selling DUI Checkpoint finder in the App Store. Here is the link to our press release. Thanks for sharing!

  139. An exciting “must have” puzzle game suitable for all ages. Develops observation, memory, intelligence. Provides access to your device photo library. Use images taken previously or take the new ones using device camera right from the application! So there is no image quantity limitation! Image can be split at different part quantity starting from 6 for kids and max quantity is 54 on iPhone 5. Don’t waste time, try it right now by downloading via iTunes Store!

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  140. Hi :) I have a little game for Everyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod! It’s free to try and for all ages.
    It’s the Amazing Colorpillar and the little guy needs your help to pick the colors of the fruits he will eat. Mix the colors up if you have to, learn about blending while you play!
    Here is the store page:

  141. looking for a ways to market our new app, it’s very useful to everybody, and can be used everywhere.
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  143. Get Dark Chat. Whole new way to have real fun while chatting with friends. Simple, create a dark room and everyone chats undercover until someone lights a candle.
    The app has a timeline and your friends can share their secrets anonymously.

  144. What do fish do when your not watching them – they race!

    Turbo Fish – Racing Days is an addicting and extremely fun game! Use your finger to launch your fish and fly!

    Its a race between fish. Who will win the Race? Play now and you will be amazed how beautiful this game is. A Totally Fun and Exciting game for all ages.

    Collect magnets, use rockets, gather coins and fly through the ocean to be the best!
    Play with other people online in our Multiplayer mode!

    To get speed, simply press and hold anywhere in the screen while going down and let go of your finger when going up.

    Watch our trailer video:

  145. My new Flappy Bird like game called Flying Mutt is here. Download it today .

  146. Who Gets It ™
    A will or trust is no longer enough.
    ?The greatest gift you can give your heirs is to
    organize your wishes now, and share your
    ?inheritance inventory with the “Who Gets It” app.

    Create a Who Gets It Inventory document with photos of possessions and heirs who get each, to be stored, emailed or printed as a PDF.

  147. Hey I have a simple tilt game where you tilt your space ship to avoid asteroids while collecting stars for more points. Simple yet highly addictive. Try it for free.


    As a software engineer I often access computers remotely, I use VPN, SSH, Telnet or whatever remote software allows me to “get in there” and “interact”. Virtual terminals are useful tools when used from a laptop or desktop but I find that from mobile devices something different, simpler and quicker is necessary. Very regularly I just simple want to perform a few tasks and read their results.

    I wrote this application to be able to access remote hosts and perform tasks with the simplicity of just the touch of a button. I can now do so with an iPhone while travelling, or in the comfort of the sofa at home with an iPad.

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