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The coolest designers on Twitter

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some stellar designers and developers through Twitter over the past few years. These guys (and gals) so darn cool I just had to share their awesomeness with you all. A Twitter list would not do. No, these peeps need there own page dedicated entirely to what makes Twitter the new playground for up-to-the-minute design banter.

The list is by no means exhaustive and I’ll be adding to it every so often. If you know of any awesome designers (or you are one), feel free to drop a comment below. Share the love.

A designer wanna be who wants to quit day job to become a full time blogger and web designer I also like to watch TV and movies a lot.


Graphic & Web Designer, Creative Blogger & WordPress user, Tech-head, Christian & Mac addict… Visit my Blog for more info; I’d love to have you onboard :)


Creative thinking expressed in colour and shapes. Or something like that.


I’m a photographer, digital artist, graphic designer, and…ummm gonna be doing stuff soon So follow me :)


Web Designer and Blogger but that just scratches the surface. See my design blog at and let me know how I can help you.


Digital Artist, Flyer Designer & Photoshop specialist. The Beauty of Fear. Cyberpunk.


One half of Cool Surface illustration. We draw stuff for money!


Creative Director for Design That Rocks, offering design for web & print, project management, consulting & branded line of limited edition DTR products.


My name is Oliver, I´m an Illustrator, active listener and a storyteller for the eye. I love coffee & social media, my credo is: to hell with status quo.


Freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator. Gamer, into fine arts,student, Laid back dude, Cool Guy


Interactive Media Designer x Final Year IxD Student at UNN, Newcastle x Artist at The Luminarium and Intrinsic Nature.


Fan of Dieter Rams & the Bauhaus, product design lover of function over aesthetics. Owner @designjuices


Digiart, photography, graphic design, CSS + JS, typography, testing software-apps-tools, Botanic Garden in Glencoe. Pavarotti! Photoshop obsessed.


Web, Motion, Interactive Designer/Artist living in Mpls MN.


Computer geek, Social Media Fanatic, Loves everything larger than a byte, Web Designer, Developer and founder of @bitrebels.


dweeb. font geek. freelance designer. single mommie. coolest person i know. humble too. silly. lover not a fighter.


I am a freelance UX / UI designer. I love to make things simple.


Design and Marketing – loves websites, email marketing, blogs, re-branding, WordPress, social media… Based in London, UK.


I’m a Graphic Designer and Digital Artist from New York. I love Design, Social Media, SEO and bunnies.


Graphic/Web Designer. Passionate about all things creative, movies and sports.


Strictly a Web Design Junkie out to get my graphics on. Talk CODE to me :)



  1. Thank you, Karen, for putting me in such good company!

  2. Hi Karen, thanks so much for including me in this list, it is an honor! :D I am a big fan of the others you have included as well.


  3. Awesome list of some of the webs awesome talented designers /developers & creative artists Karen :) And yes there are definitely so many more out there, and I would love to see the future additions you make to this list :D

    I know several of the designers / creative artists listed here , and I thank you for the inclusion Karen , Rock On ! \m/

  4. Thanks so much for the great list….and for including Design That Rocks. That is some great company to be a part of…and that includes you!

  5. Lovely of you to mention me in your shout out Karen, fine selection you have here :)


  6. How did i get on this list again? Wow, honoured to be apart of it. All i see are names of brilliant people like yourself karen! :)

  7. Hey you forgot to add “and most handsome” to the title of this post! ;)
    Thanks again for putting me on this list Karen. It’s definitely upped my follower count!

    You’re the best,

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