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Running A Web Design Business E-Book

Web Guru Rob Cubbon recently published an e-book about the ins and outs of running your own web design business. Rob sent me a copy and I found it stack full of useful information about how you can go about setting up and developing your own company. Topics covered include:

  • Running a business
  • Getting work
  • Dealing with clients
  • Handling client requests
  • What to charge a client
  • Diversifying and specialising
  • How to work from home
  • and more…

Included is an interesting section where Rob details his story of how he got into the web design business and how he made a success of his own company. There is also a section where he gives you the lowdown on some of the designers he interviewed while doing research for the book (yes, I’m there too).

You can find out more about the book here.


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  1. “Web guru” – that’s a description I’m not so sure about. Thanks so much for writing about my book. It was so kind of you and other graphic designers to give me your opinions which were gratefully received by the readers!

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