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Interview with Rob Cubbon

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting to Rob Cubbon – blogger, designer, SEO specialist, web guru and all-round nice-guy – about the in’s and out’s of travelling while maintaining a design business. He hosts a podcast where he speaks to freelancers and independent business owners about their various specialities, mostly concerning design, marketing, web and so on…

If you’d like to hear how I’ve got clients in the countries I’ve lived in, or if you’re interested to hear what I sound like (apparently I haven’t quite lost my South African accent after being out of SA for over 4 years now), you can click over to Rob’s site and listen to the interview. You can also subscribe to his podcasts here.


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  1. All-round nice-guy? I like that. It was a pleasure talking to you and many listeners have already contacted me to say they got loads out of the interview so, thank you!

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