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Custom fonts for your website

Have you seen the custom fonts available for use on your website from Google? If you’re a web developer, have a look at this. Earlier this week I tried to use a custom font in a website I was creating – what a headache. Let’s just say that cross-browser compatibility was a major issue when rendering the font. As it turns out, Google has a really easy way of using custom fonts in your site. They don’t have a huge selection of fonts like some other web-font hosting services, but the ones they have are quite nice.


  1. No account needed.
  2. Easy as pie to implement.
  3. Several high quality fonts to choose from.
  4. Best of all, it’s free!


  1. Limited database of fonts.

If you have time, have a look at this interesting talk from Tim Brown about the history of typography and his thoughts of modular scaling (a harmony to the sizes of your fonts in relation to each other).

Tim Brown – More Perfect Typography from Build on Vimeo.

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